so for lent…

…I’m giving up swearing. Expect to see a bunch of bleeped stuff on here. It’s gonna suck, but I’ve got nothing else to give up anyway. I don’t smoke, I cut down on drinking (only on special occasions), I don’t eat chocolate or chips, I only drink diet coke when I eat out (and that’s not often), I don’t have any crazy hobbies…anymore (ie: comic books, guns, sports betting), and because of the no drinking thing, I even cut down hanging out with my friends, which sucks because that’s what we bonded on. Basically I have no life. Lol. The only thing that I do is workout, muay thai, and obsess over cars. I’m not giving up any of that shit. Oooh, riight.



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  1. Ahem… So for lent no swearing.. hmmm.. let’s see.. But we are still going for SUSHI right??

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